Tiragalo Business Consulting

Founded in 2008, Tiragalo business Consulting is a specialist organization committed to providing leadership, technical and soft skills training to private companies and government departments in South Africa and SADC and the rest of Africa. At our core, we believe people learn best by doing. We design fun, powerful experiences that have a profound and lasting impact on people and their careers, inspiring new ways of thinking and building critical capabilities. We have a strong culture of working in long-term relationships with our clients. Although it's a bit of a clich√©, we strongly believe that our client relationships are partnerships and that's the best way for our clients to get the best results. The content of our material and courses are continually reviewed and up-dated as required. This is achieved through extensive professional development and constant contact with subject experts within client departments. The company has established relationships with a number of agencies that ensures training is scheduled appropriately and course materials are prepared as required. The management and staff at Tiragalo are industry specialists dedicated to the growth and promotion of education in South Africa and Africa.