Date:  2017
Length: 1 days
Location: jhb,

This one-day workshop focuses on how to practically implement Safety in Design throughout the end-to-end engineering and design processes, and it describes the importance of systematic approaches. You will learn about the tools, practices and techniques that give rise to safer design outcomes, and hence help you comply with the duties and obligations under the Work Health and Safety Legislation

During the workshop, you’ll be exposed to case studies to help you understand how Safety in Design contributes to minimising the likelihood of workplace incidents, injuries and fatalities, and hence contributes to overall risk reduction

Digital Engineering has taken a quantum leap in recent years with the advent of BIM / CIM gathering momentum very quickly within the civil space. The benefits this collaborative, metadata rich and visually dynamic platform brings to all stakeholders within civil infrastructure projects cannot be underestimated.

However, it has introduced a range of challenges to the Engineering Surveyor including actually being able to utilise BIM data in day to day set-out and in terms of Work as Executed deliverables and reporting.

This seminar seeks to provide insight into this brave new world of Digital Engineering, bringing together Subject Matter Experts from within industry and software houses to raise awareness of what Digital Engineering actually is, how it directly impacts the engineering surveyor, case studies from the work face and a panel discussion focused on where the construction industry is at with Digital Engineering implementation, authorities / projects which are moving culturally to DE, issues for surveyors in working with BIM data, an IFC data standard update and of course, general QA from the audience.


Course fees will be R 8,750 per person per workshop, including lunch and refreshments.
This does not include transport to the venue, accommodation.