Optimizing Facilities Management Performance

(3rd - 5th March 2014)


In today’s tough economic climate, Facilities Managers have a major role to play in ensuring that the business support environment is as efficient and cost effective as possible. To meet increasingly demanding corporate performance targets, FM’s need to focus on understanding how their operations can add value at each stage in the business cycle.


This three-day course explores how the FM service can be shaped and delivered to maximise the use of assets and resources and optimise performance for the organisation, taking account of changing needs over time. Aimed

at middle and senior managers, the programme offers practical guidance on developing FM service strategies and building an effective delivery model and supply chain in the support services area.

This course is for professionals with prior knowledge and understanding of facilities management principles and practices who are looking to expand their knowledge of strategic planning, including:

  • Facilities Directors and Managers
  • Premises and Building Managers
  • Property Owners and Operators
  • Heads and Managers of Estates
  • Physical Asset Managers
  • Manufacturing Site/Plant Managers
  • Maintenance Heads and Managers
  • Contract Managers and Procurement Professionals
  • Financial Planners and Managers