Date: April 6 – 7, 2017
Length: 2 days
Location: jhb,

Two-day seminar on managing information system security

As data security breaches and related business costs rise globally, information system security is becoming a top priority across all industries. Forward-thinking organizations are turning to managers and leaders to make strategic decisions based on the rewards and risks of various IT security design options. As a result, business managers with a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity will hold a competitive advantage.

This two-day program empowers you to play a more active role in risk management discussions with your technology and information security teams. Through interactive case studies and hands-on exercises, you’ll build the skills and mindset to identify realistic security threats, assess the implications, and make better-informed decisions that can help to minimize risk and maximize your organization’s performance.

Why you should attend

  • Base your IT choices on the business drivers of your project
  • Qualify the value of the data within your business applications
  • Identify the realistic threats to your data and the costs to your business
  • Overcome the anxiety around securing and managing cloud services
  • Characterize use cases more effectively to guide IT security design options
  • Leverage risk management practices to drive organizational decisions
  • Characterizing your business applications, risks, and opportunities
  • Identifying current threat actors, attack vectors, and defense options
  • Mitigating risk and vulnerability by choosing the right application design

Program highlights

Examining common information security fundamentals and industry best practices

Analyzing risk management principles—accept, avoid, mitigate, and transfer

Exploring the root causes of today’s security breaches

Employing realistic scenario planning within your company’s environment

Who should enroll

This program is designed for business line managers or project stakeholders who need to factor “Information Security Assessments” into their selection of vendors, cloud deployments, or internal application development; product managers and others involved in the product who need to know more aboutsecurity to minimize risk; and ITpractitioners who are moving into information system security or who need to learn more about it.


Course fees will be R 9,750 per person per workshop, including lunch and refreshments.
This does not include transport to the venue, accommodation.