Managing and controlling your Projects by using the Earned Value Methodology with Microsoft Project Professional.

(12th- 14th March 2014)

Microsoft Projects Professional 2013 has become the de facto standard in planning and controlling any project of any size and complexity.

Projects 2013 integrates tightly with Excel 2013 which allows for unmatched analytics.

The program concentrates on how we use Microsoft Projects and Excel 2013 to plan and control projects using Earned Value.

Major emphasis will be placed on developing sophisticated reports and Dashboards to improve the level of decision making significantly.

Tiragalo Business Consulting would like to invite you to attend this interactive knowledgeable training and benefit from our well experienced presenters and also get a free eBook on managing capital projects Microsoft projects 2013 as well as a two months valid Microsoft Projects Professional 2013 license.

Workshop Insights:

1. Understanding the fundamental basis of Earned Value in planning and controlling a project

2. How we incorporate costs to a schedule and derive the Budget S Curve

3. Preparation of Budgets that can be utilised by the Accountants and Financiers of the Project

4. Defining an Integrated Baseline Review

5. How we can use Earned Value to forecast project duration and costs

6. Developing all the Contract Performance Reportsreports necessary to manage and control projects

Who Should Attend

This is an advanced programme and requires participants to have some level of authority

1. Senior Project Managers / Senior Project Planners

2. Operations Managers

3. CEOs / CFOs

4. Contracts Managers

5. Directors