Customized Training

If you shoulder the responsibility of choosing training for your organisation, you know how difficult it is to find a training provider who is an expert you can rely on, is easy to work with, will work within your training budget– and can deliver exactly what they’ve promised.

That’s where we come in. We cannot only provide you with world-class training, we make it incredibly convenient! With Customized Training, you choose the time and the place, and we’ll be there with a skill-building training program tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.
The courses or dates in our standard training program may not entirely correspond with your training needs or that of your organisation.
This is why we offer customized training, from individual training, togroup training through to extensive skill building programs for your organisation.

You have flexibility in location, format and scheduling

Customized Training can be held anywhere, your headquarters, a branch office, or even at a nearby conference center or hotel. You also have options in format: full day, three-day session, five-day programs or ongoing modules. Finally, you have the flexibility in scheduling. Training can be delivered

any day of the week. Whatever makes it the most convenient and cost effective for your organisation.
Here are a number of training possibilities that we can set up for you:

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