Effective Contract Negotiation in the Telecoms Industry A three-day interactive program for commercial professionals in the Telecoms Industry

(23th- 25th April 2014)

The Telecoms sector is facing a challenging time when the investment required for new technology is in running in parallel with pressures for customers to reduce prices; the need for a high standard of negotiating capability has never been stronger.

Negotiation is often an insufficiently structured process whereby factors such as personal style, history between the negotiators, and the extent and nature of the planning carried out can have a disproportionate impact on the negotiation. There is often a lack of understanding of the alternatives which exist, the methodologies which have been developed, and the full range of options.

While many of us have had some form of basic negotiation training, very few of us have taken this to the level required when we are dealing with high value and significant-impact negotiations. With significant sums of money at stake, nothing less than “expert” status should be acceptable


This program will do four things:

1. Provide a structured framework which ensures that a comprehensive approach to a negotiation is built up in as short a time as possible. This structured approach is easily shared with colleagues in an organization using the tools provided on the program.

Case studies from voice and data, fixed line and mobile negotiations will bring the framework to life.

2. Explore and explain a range of tools, techniques and approaches which can be used to increase the probability of success in major negotiations. Each of them will be supported by examples of their application in a telecoms environment.

3. Identify individual strengths and weaknesses; provide individual feedback and laying down personal development plans.

Deliver a structure whereby managers can develop their team members using the structured approach so that negotiations are professionally planned and carried out, and a consistent team approach to negotiations is used


Who Should Attend

Commercial Managers, Contract Managers

Business Development Managers, Product Managers

Sales Managers, Brand Managers

Purchasing and Procurement, In-house legal